Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mandrill - Fat City Strut

ORIGINATION The Avalanches' Breezeblock Headline Set, 26/02/01

Oh, this is a tricky one. For starters, i only know the intro from the tune. However, as far as intros go it is a cracker. Big and sassy in classic blaxploitation style. It is a 'strut' title, after all. Sadly, since i only know this tune from part of a mix set, i can't really say much about it. I know that i should know more about it, and probably acquire a copy, but i haven't. I do know (from amazon) that it changed course radically after the top intro, into a latinish direction. Whether or not it returns to the funk later is unknown me. Oh well.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Kiss - God Gave Rock And Roll To You

ORIGINATION Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
LAST LISTENED TO mayber once about seven years ago

I've never been a fan of Kiss. Actually, to be more honest i've just never been too interested. Ok, to be fair there was a brief interest in my days of youth when they were doing their Crazy Nights guff, but that didn't last. Through the joys of the intarwub i have of late found some of their 'classic' works and there have been a few moments of okness. Nothing that has ever really done it for me though.

God Gave Rock And Roll To You i know purely from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and once in a while the song's pompous nonsense is moderately enjoyable. I guess pompous nonsense were really Kiss's bywords. At least they are in my head.

Track down a copy of this behemoth, listen to it a few times and then get rid of it. Heaven forbid anyone should think you're a Kiss fan. We all know about Kiss fans.

Further Kiss songs:
Crazy Nights

Having just looked through the archive, i have noticed that it was Kiss that got me started on this blog some time ago. And, after many months away, it's them that got me at it again. That's not right. What is it about Kiss that makes me want to tell the world i have them in my head. Oh dear hod. That has left a truly disgusting thought in my head of Kiss in my head. I feel sick. Got i hate them now.

It's a purging thing, isn't it? By sharing this crap with the world, it gets it out of my head and i can continue with my day in a normal fashion.