Friday, September 08, 2006

Jet Set Willy / Fiddler On The Roof

If you have no idea what the above title means, then i'm afraid that i'm not going to be the one to enlighten you. It's the kind of thing you're better off not knowing. This happened because yesterday there was a short conversation about old games platforms and my old 48k came into it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oscar Brown, Jr. - Dat Dere


It's a nice piece of vocal jazz, all about a wee boy asking his dad endless questions. Sometimes the questions get wild, like Daddy can i have that big elephant over there. It's a touching song by a father who wants to set his kid on a good path into life, with a main melody supplied by a piano. The supporting cast features a muted trumpet that underscores the vocal lines in a few sections, and some relaxed drumming and percussion. A simple song that, unusually for jazz, has vocals instead of solos, indeed they are a direct replacement here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fried Eggs

Ok. I know i wrote a while back that this wasn't the place for my own stuff, but rules are made to be broken and if there is one thing in life i can be sure of, it is never to say never to anything. Apart from having a mullet. I'll never do that, i am quiet certain. Quiet at the back! I have NEVER had one. Yes, i know when it grew in back in my teen metal days it looked a bit like i did, but i didn't. Really. Ok?

Ricky and I have been working on some new songs. It's been about ten years since we first worked together, although to be fair there was a fairly large gap when we were both doing other stuff. In fact, those ten years were probably more gap than music, but i digress. We're been making new stuff and this time it's mostly us playing. We're got kit and we're loving playing it.

This tune was started last friday and finished on monday. It's working title came from being started on a friday: friday, fried day, fried eggs, see? Words are really not our strong point. Which is also why we haven't got a name for ourselves (suggestions are welcome).

So, do let us know what you think.